Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY: Regular Tee turned Cropped Muscle Tee

      So lately I've been getting back into my DIY kick, and now that Spring is finally here, I've been really feeling muscle tees. They're just so comfy yet the silhouette and cut still keeps it looking stylish! This is a pretty basic DIY, and only requires three things: a shirt, a pair of scissors, and a steady hand. It just makes for an easy casual everyday shirt or workout/lazing around shirt which is probably what i'll use this one for. I'm just a sucker for the pink tie-dye and bold lettering so I just couldn't not play around with this shirt!


^^Ignore my lovely polka dot PJ shorts!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Afternoon Dream

Happy birthday to the lovely Jhene Aiko!! She released a new song/video today called "Afternoon Dream" <3 Love it. Perfect chillout music to get me through finals week.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Without discussing any of the details surrounding who is performing, where they are performing, etc., I'd just like to take a moment to truly appreciate the spectacular art that is this dance piece. I honestly get chills every time I watch this video and cannot get enough of it. I love when you can truly feel the raw emotions central to a piece of choreography. My favorite part is at about 1:10 where she reaches up for the stars but is stopped by her partner and advocates through her dance her emotions and frustration of feeling held down by gravity. An absolutely incredible work of visual art that makes me miss dancing so so much and really inspires me to get back into dancing on the regular again <3